The Mission of Chemeketa Press

Chemeketa Press is building a student-centered and financially sustainable model for textbook publishing. We publish affordable, printed textbooks that are written to the students who use them rather than the faculty who adopt them. The sales of these textbooks help to pay for operational costs and the development of new textbooks.

Faculty support

We support this mission by working directly with college faculty to develop the books they need for their courses. We rely on the faculty to design these books and then work closely with them to draft, revise, and review their manuscripts. Because this is a teaching college, we work hard to carry the burden of writing so that they can focus on the content and then go teach their classes.

Effective and affordable textbooks

These books are written to students rather than the faculty who adopt and assign the books. This makes the books more effective. They are also written for specific classes rather than year-long sequences. Students only have to pay for as much book as they will use in any given class, and that makes the books more affordable.

Student involvement

We also incorporates students in the process of editing, designing, and revising textbooks. In some cases, students participate as part of their classes. In other cases, the Press hires students as paid interns. In both cases, students receive hands-on learning and work experience in visual communication, technical writing, business, and other disciplines.

A new model for textbook publishing

Finally, the Press helps students by sharing its development methods with other colleges so that those other colleges can work with their faculty to develop effective and affordable textbooks of their own. As this work spreads, it will help all students by collectively encouraging commercial publishers to provide students with better books at better prices.